How Can You Afford Plastic Surgery?


Of course you want it. The question is how can you afford it? You also want the best—no cutting corners with your body. So how do you get the best for less? We asked the experts and these are their top 5 tips on how to get that nip and tuck you’ve always wanted.

  1. Do not pick your plastic surgeon based on price

When it comes to your body do you want to shop bargain basement or Chanel? Don’t worry about the final price; first find the surgeon that has the best professional background, training, facilities, and experience to match your needs. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon can risk your safety and negatively impact your results. Verify the certifications of the surgeon, as well as the accreditation of the facility. Look for a doctor with great results and happy patients. A good surgeon will actively show you many before and after pictures and provide you with an opportunity to speak with former patients. Once you decide on the doctor then you can start to think about how to pay. Not the other way around.

  1. Go in yourself and get an accurate price

Plastic Surgery web sites are notorious for being vague—especially when it comes to price. The reason is that everybody is different and price is really determined by the amount of time the surgeon has to spend on your procedure. For example, a rhinoplasty (nose job) can range in price from $3500 to fix the nose tip to $8000 for a more advanced reconstruction. The city you live in may also impact the price. Prices for Plastic Surgery in cities like NY and LA are much more expensive then in Miami. It may be worth it to travel. The bottom line: take the time to go in and have the consultation. Then you will have an accurate and exact quote.

  1. Take advantage of timely promotions

Most plastic surgeon run promotions throughout the year. Get on their e-mail list and get those promotion coupons. This could save you 10-20% off your procedure in most cases. It’s so easy. When you go in for your consultation ask your coordinator what the current promotion is and maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be for the procedure you interested in. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

  1. 2 for 1 works with surgery too

If you are considering more than one procedure, doing them at the same time can save you a bundle. After all, the surgeon is already committing time and resources, adding on a procedure doesn’t cost him/her all that much more. But it can save you the cost of an entire procedure!

  1. Investigate cosmetic surgery payment options

Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or a complete mommy makeover- doesn’t matter; 100% financing is available for most procedures. Surgeons will usually offer you a wide variety of options for paying their surgery costs. Payment plans, cash, check and credit cards can all be used separately or in conjunction to finance a potential procedure. Banks and local lenders often work with plastic surgeons to offer special financing to their patients. Care Credit® Finance for Plastic Surgery is an excellent example of a financing company that works with Plastic Surgeons. They usually offer no interest plans and flat monthly fees. At Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery we offer many financing options, including programs for those of you with lower credit scores. If you have any questions or need guidance on those options please do not hesitate to call us at 305-861-8266. You can also find out about your financing by filling out our credit application.


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