Snowmen Holiday Decorations



Wooden Board Snowmen: It’s as easy as painting a piece of wood white then adding facial features, a hat and a scarf! These cute little guys will add a lot to an entryway or back porch!














Snowman Pillow: Add a hat, face, and ribbon to a white pillow for a cute and easy guest room decoration.













Snowman Wreath: Use tulle to create this holiday wreath or buy it on Etsy. This homemade wreath will create a welcoming feel to any front door!
















Snowman Fridge: Cut out various pieces of paper to make this adorable refrigerator decoration. This cute little guy will put a smile on your face every time you enter the kitchen!













Snowman Canvas: Paint different sized canvases white. Rub brown chalk around the edges for a more vintage look. Add sticks for arms, felt buttons, rosy cheeks, and a scarf to make this cute and original snowman!





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