Do Facial Enhancements Increase Likability?


Miami plastic surgeryFacial enhancements, ranging from eyelid surgery to face lifts, are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to date. This type of procedure is the modern day fountain of youth. Facial enhancements can tighten and smooth the skin along with eliminating bagginess under the eyes. However, another positive result comes out of these procedures other than a youthful appearance.

The Study

Findings from a recent study have shown that facial-rejuvenation procedures can make you appear more likeable. A group of researchers from Georgetown University and Mercy Medical Center devised a study on facial profiling (visually determining personality attributes) in the context of facial rejuvenation surgery.

The Process

The goal of the study was to evaluate and quantify the alterations in personality perception that followed the facial enhancement. The researchers assumed a retrospective assessment with pre- and post-operative photos of 30 white female patients who had underwent a facial enhancement. The women had either undergone a rhytidectomy, a blepharoplasty, an eyebrow lift, a neck-lift or chin implants. The 60 photos were then divided into six groups with five pre-operative and five post-operative in each.

Twenty-four people rated each photo for attractiveness and femininity as well as aggressiveness, extroversion, likeability, trustworthiness, risk-seeking and social skills.

The Results

After the study had been conducted, the researchers found that, as a result of their study, there were significant improvements post-operative as opposed to pre-operative. The appearance of the post-operative photos increased the patient’s likeability, social skills, attractiveness and femininity. There was no significant change for trustworthiness, aggressiveness, extroversion and risk seeking.

It was concluded, thereafter, that facial enhancements do change the way people are perceived by others as well as making them look younger.

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