What You Didn’t Know About Lip Injections


Lip injections have only recently become popular due to famous celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, suddenly appearing with visibly larger-than-average lips. Since then, this procedure has gained more attention by those who now feel that their lips seem too small or too skinny to be considered attractive, let alone desirable.

At Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, we offer lip injections to cater to those who desire fuller lips. If you’re considering getting lip injections to enhance your look, here are five things you should know so you are fully aware of what you can expect.

Know Your Filler Options

Though hyaluronic acid fillers tend to be the favorite, there are other choices of fillers that work just as well or better. Restylane is one of them that is made out of a gel-like formula that imitates hyaluronic acid. The results of these other fillers are long lasting (six months or longer), more effective and considerably safer than other substances. Another filler option to consider is to have your own body fat taken from another area and injected into your lips, however the results are short lived and your body tends to reabsorb the fat.

You Have Control of How Full Your Lips Get

In the event that you opt for hyaluronic acid fillers, you have the ability to determine how full you want your lips to be. This is the best way to ensure that you get that cute puppy pout as opposed to resting fish lips.

The Cost is Reasonable

The price of enhancing your look is never cheap, however it’s not ridiculously expensive either. Lip injections usually cost around $600 to undergo. Keep in mind though that when it comes to any surgical procedure, affordability should not be a main concern. Find a doctor that is extremely knowledgeable as well as experienced and has your best interests at heart.

The Procedure is Considered Non-surgical

Since there is no need for actual surgery, lip injections are considered a non-surgical procedure. It can be done with just a topical numbing solution and a few deep breaths.

There are Risks Involved

Similar to all cosmetic procedures, there are risks involved with lip injections. Some of the common risks and side effects of this procedure include: swelling, redness, bruising, pain and the possible development of lumps and asymmetries.

Dr. Salzhauer owns and operates his private Miami plastic surgery facility and surgical center, Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates.  Contact Dr. Salzhauer today to schedule a consultation at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery to determine if lip injections are right for you. You deserve to look and feel your best!


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