What to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

June 12, 2015

Whether minor or extensive, plastic surgery can be a very exciting time spent in anticipation of an improved look and increased self-confidence. Before rushing in, it’s very important to do your research and ask the right questions. Initially, searching for a plastic surgeon can be daunting. However, by following a few basic guidelines you can […]

How to Speed Up Your Facelift Recovery Time

May 29, 2015

Facelifts have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Since the price of it has become more affordable, many more people are inclined to invest in looking their best. This desirable procedure produces life-changing results, however it can take a few months to experience them. One of the most important things to remember […]

Which Type of Breast Implant Appeals to You?

May 6, 2015

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that requires ample thought and consideration before deciding that it’s something worth undergoing. After deciding on getting the procedure, there are a few steps you should take before scheduling your surgery date. One of the most important steps before having this procedure performed is choosing the type of breast implant that […]

One…Two…Three Plastic Surgery!

April 30, 2015

Social media presents us with the gift of connecting us to friends and family through one medium. However, according to a recent survey, it has also made us more self-conscious about our looks and how we present ourselves to the world. One in three facial plastic surgeons, polled by the American Academy of Facial Plastic […]

The Psychology of America’s Fascination with Plastic Surgery

April 8, 2015

In comparison to other countries around the world, the United States is known for performing the most plastic surgeries. An estimated more than 11 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were conducted in 2013, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This was a 279 percent increase from 1997. Americans spent more than $12 billion […]

4 Holistic Tips to Consider Before and After a Cosmetic Procedure

March 31, 2015

As the popularity of plastic surgery continues to grow, many patients are searching for ways to ensure that they achieve maximum results. Before a patient undergoes a procedure, plastic surgeons typically give them a few tips on how to prepare for pre- and post surgery. Some examples of these tips include: ceasing smoking and alcohol […]

4 Cosmetic Surgeries to Look Your Best

March 11, 2015

This Article is about Bal Harbours Surgical procedures and specializing in Face lifts, nose jobs and plastic surgery.

The Path to Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon in Miami

October 11, 2014

There are many ways that you can identify a plastic surgeon that is worth going to. However, in many cases, plastic surgery doctors, while being knowledgeable and experienced, lack that special something that would make them your top choice. When you choose a plastic surgeon, you want to look at their level of experience, how […]


5 Steps to Gorgeous Breasts

July 25, 2013

If you’re considering breast augmentation, at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, we recommend that you follow these five steps to assure you get the results you desire.


Surgery Tips For A Better Recovery

July 16, 2013

One of the amazing parts of surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, is the ability to fully recover post operation. Every procedure and patient varies but these tips from the Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery office can make the recovery period more successful. Check out these postoperative pointers to ensure you get through your recovery.


What is a Rhinoplasty?

July 9, 2013

As one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, many want to know what exactly is a rhinoplasty?

Dr Salzhauer

Miami’s Best Plastic Surgeon

July 3, 2013

Dr. Salzhauer has expanded his talents beyond Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, making a name for himself in the worlds of technology, media, even becoming an author.


Championship Glory is Only One Win Away!

June 20, 2013

The Heat Fought To The Very End to Get A Final Decisive Game 7, Who Will Be The Champion?


In It To Win It! What’s Your NBA Finals Game 4 Prediction?

June 12, 2013

The Heat lost Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but who will win Game 4? Call Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery with your prediction and schedule your FREE consultation and receive your Prediction Discount!


Surprise Your Man This Father’s Day!

June 7, 2013

Father’s Day is coming up, so give us a call and surprise your man this summer!

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